The Alfa Romeo 155 is a medium-sized premium vehicle born in 1992 as heir to the legendary 75. Despite it has the same platform as the contemporary Fiat Tipo, the 155 seems to follow the same aesthetic peculiarities (very sharp and linear lines) of its predecessor. The interior, which has very sporty imprinting, is simple, and every button on its dashboard seems to follow a precise geometric order. Just a year after its release, the 155 received a restyling in which new engine options were introduced. The 2nd gen. 155 comes into the market in 1994. In this new generation, many aesthetic elements such as the grille and the fenders received a substantial redesign, and the engine range varied once again. The most famous special edition of the 155 is the pictured GTA Stradale, which was produced in a single generation and sold on an auction at the price of a supercar. The GTA equips a carbon-fiber structure and has the same engine as the Lancia Delta Evoluzione. The 155’s production ended in 1998 when it was replaced by the 156.
📷 @alfaromeoofficial
🏎️ Alfa Romeo 155 II
📍 Italy
🛠️ “Twin Spark” 1.7 153NM 116HP
💨 11,8 seconds
🔝 193km/h
💶 No longer on sale
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