The e-tron is the first fully electric car ever produced by the company of the “four rings”, and has many similarities with the Q8. This car is very heavy since its batteries weigh 600 or 700 kilograms depending on the configuration chosen. In the photo, you can see its Sportback version: Its shape is not futuristic, but some solutions such as the rear-view mirrors replaced by small digital mirrors to make the car more aerodynamic and an endless series of technologies placed both inside and outside the passenger compartment. The version called “50” has 313 horsepower, while the one called “55” 408 horsepower. The e-tron also supports the “superfast charge” option, which reached up to 120Kw on the 50 model and 150kW on the 55 model. Both the versions 50 and 55 difficultly travel more than 400 kilometers. For the moment, the price of this electric German car is still very high.
📷 @audiofficial
🏎 Audi e-tron
📍 Germany
🛠 “50” Electric Quattro 540NM 313HP
💨 6,8 seconds
🔝 190km/h
💶 73.000€ (75.400€ for the Sportback version) in Europe
💵 74.800$ (77.300$ for the Sportback version) in the United States
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