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Quick information

🏎️ Audi RS3 III
📍 Germany
🛠️ 5-cylinder 2.5 500NM 400HP
💨 3,8 seconds
🔝 290km/h (with the “RS Dynamic” package)
💶 60.000€ in Europe
💵 60.000$ in the United States

What is it?

The third generation of the Audi RS3 was presented in 2021 with a specific goal: to establish Audi supremacy among the compact gasoline super sports cars by breaking the records set a few months earlier by the Mercedes AMG A45s. This vehicle is based on the same structure as the contemporary A3, a model with which it shares several peculiarities. What is most impressive is the increase in performance compared to the previous RS3, even though the same engine was used. The “2022” RS3 is available in Hatchback and Sedan versions.


📷 Audi

The new decisive and sharp aesthetic lines follow the trend of the Audi models released from 2019 onwards, but to give even more aggressiveness are the black painted connections between the (standard) LED headlights and the grille, which maintains a geometric beehive scheme. Also noteworthy are the air intakes on the sides of the front, which seem to have doubled in size. At the rear, especially as regards the Sedan version, there is a more pronounced spoiler, as well as a sort of fake rear grille whose only purpose is aesthetic. The exhausts have remained of the same type, namely two and oval, while both front and rear the Audi logo is black instead of silver. The standard wheels measure 19 inches, and for the first time, they can be combined with Pirelli tires as an option.


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The interior is the part that least differs from the standard A3 since the two cars share the dashboard, on which a 10-inch touch screen infotainment is placed. In this case, only the software changes, which has a more aggressive appearance in the RS3. The same thing happens with the fully digital 12.3-inch cockpit.


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There is no lack of safety-friendly features such as Adaptive Cruise Control as well as driver-oriented features such as the iconic “Audi Drive Select”, which allows the driver to choose the driving style that best suits each situation. The main novelty, however, is the mVDC, a new highly intelligent computer capable of synchronizing every single mechanical device and therefore increasing the performance of the car.


📷 Audi

The 2021 RS3 equips the same engine introduced in 2006 with the 1st gen TT RS and reused in all the RS3s ever produced, but which still remains the most powerful 5-cylinder on the market. Just like before, this 2.5 liter turbocharged delivers a power of 400HP. Instead, the torque improved, passing from 480NM of the previous RS3 to 500NM. The automatic/sequential gearbox is a very fast 7-speed DSG, while the all-wheel drive is permanent, as in every sporty Audi produced in recent years except the R8 RWD. The only optional concerning the mechanics are the electronically controlled suspensions with three operating profiles.
An unprecedented technology also debuted: the RS Torque Splitter, thanks to which the rear differential features multi-disc functions to manage Touque Vectoring in order to minimize understeer. Thanks to this innovation, two driving modes, Performance Mode and Drift Mode, have debuted alongside the classic ones (Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and RS Individual). 


The 2022 RS3 accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in just 3,8 seconds, 0,3 seconds less than its previous generation.  Even more surprising is the new top speed, which with the “RS Dynamic” package reaches 290km/h. Without the expensive RS Dynamic package, speed is electronically limited to 250km/h, but can be raised to 280km/h as an option.

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