The BMW E24 is a high-end car that has the task of replacing the beloved E9 and is the first 6 Series ever produced. Its debut takes place in 1976. The E24 shares many components with the first 5 Series, the E12, and is a car of considerable size (4.75 x 1.72 meters) considering the era in which it is produced, but maintains its weight at less than 1500 kilos. The sharp and aggressive design gives the E24 the nickname “shark”; at the time the typical grilles appeared on the front that still today distinguish the cars of the Bavarian brand. Inside, you can feel the excellent build quality of the E24. An advantage of this car is that it offers as standard many technologies that were premium at the time, such as electrically adjustable windows and rearview mirrors. The engines start at 184 horsepower and can be combined with both a manual and automatic gearbox. In 1982 the E24 underwent a restyling in which there’s a new structure, this time shared with the 5 Series E28. This platform allows the 6 Series E24 to weigh 60 kilos less than before. A year later the sports version “M635 CSI” with a 286 horsepower engine derived from the BMW M1 also enters the market. Production of the E24 ended in 1989 when it was replaced by the first 8 Series.

📷 @sharknose_635
🏎️ BMW 6 Series E24
📍 Germany
🛠️ 628 CSi 240NM 184HP
💨 9,3 seconds
🔝 208km/h
💶 No longer on sale
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐️⚡ (4,5/5)