Some consider them successors to the 6 Series and M6, but in my opinion the new 8 Series and M8 are cars apart, which make all fans of the Bavarian brand dream, since they effectively offer the best that a BMW can be in 2020. The new 8 Series is produced in Cabrio (G14), Coupe (G15) and four-door Gran Coupe (G16) versions. While the Coupe and Cabrio are proposed as super sports cars, the Gran Coupe appears to be offered in a more luxurious form, and is so complete and elegant that it can be compared to the Mercedes S-Class and the Audi A8. The Gran Coupe in fact reaches 5.08 meters in length, while the G15 stops at 4.84. The look is very aggressive: the new headlights are thin and sharp, and the front grilles particularly accentuated, but still not as much as those of the M4 G82?. The brakes can reach around 40 centimeters. On the sides, there are two air intakes in order to properly cool the brakes. The trunk reaches 420 liters in the Coupe model. The weight is also not indifferent, 1890 kilos, which become 1960 for the Gran Coupe. Inside, the finishes are of excellent workmanship and there is an excellent attention to detail. The new technologies, represented by big touch screens, are combined with more classic elements such as the seats in perfectly embroidered leather. The engines offer from 320 horsepower of the 840d to 625 of the β€œM8 Competition” version. They are all combined with an automatic gearbox. Prices start from 100.000€ to 176.000€ for the Competition. In the photo we have the 850i, produced in only 400 units, of which it is the first ever produced!

πŸ“· @bmwblondeuk
🏎 BMW 8 Series G15
πŸ“ Germany
πŸ›  M850i xDrive Steptronic 750NM 530HP
πŸ’¨ 3,7 seconds
πŸ” 250km/h (with speed limiter)
πŸ’Ά 132.000€ in Europe
BMW M8 Competition G16
πŸ“ Germany
πŸ›  V8 4.4 625HP
πŸ’¨ 3,2 seconds
πŸ” 250km/h
πŸ’Ά 172.000E in Europe
πŸ’΅ 146.000$ in the United States
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐️⭐️ (5/5)