The Cadillac CT-4 is a medium-large premium car born in 2019 as a replacement for the ATS, as well as a younger sister of the CT-5. The design features a more modern shape, almost inspired by Lexus and with headlights with a more captivating and original geometry. The dimensions are 4,75 x 1,85 meters for a dry mass of about 1600kg, while the available engines are three, all Turbo petrol: 2.0 240HP, 2.7 309HP and V6 3.6 472HP and 603NM. This latest version is called “CT-4V”, and is combined with a 10-speed automatic transmission as the 2.7-liter version is, while the basic 2.0-liter version benefits from an 8-speed, automatic too. The prices are competitive: the CT-4 starts at 34.300$, while the CT-4V starts at 45.500$.
📷 Michael Simari / Car And Driver
🏎️ Cadillac CT-4
🛠️ 4-cylinder in-line 2.0 Turbo 350NM 240HP
💵 33.400$ in the United States
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐️ (4/5)