The Chevrolet Nova, also known as Chevy II, is a small to medium size car developed on the “General Motors X” platform, on which the Pontiac GTO, the Buick Apollo, and many other contemporary American cars are based. Produced in six generations from 1962 to 1979, the Nova, while pleasing to the eye, has serious manufacturing errors especially in its first years of production: rust spreads easily to the rear of the car, while inside the hard plastic finishes are very fragile. The Nova is so expensive in maintenance, as well as in fuel costs, which is consumed very quickly even by the smallest engines. However, most of these defects do not occur in the more premium models, such as the 1971 LSA in the photo. Over time the Chevy II was produced in multiple variants: Coupe, Familiare, and Cabriolet. The Nova, before being replaced by the Citation, achieved some commercial success thanks to its compelling lines and competitive price.
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