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🏎️ Chrysler / Mitsubishi Sigma
📍 The car manufacturer was located in United States from 1977 to 1980 and in Japan from 1980 to 1987
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What is it?

The Sigma is a mid-size family car produced by Chrysler from 1977 to 1980 and by Mitsubishi from 1980 to 1987. In total, this car was made in five different generations, which we have listed below.

GE (1977-1980)

The first generation of the Chrysler Sigma was marketed only in the Australian market in the Sedan, Coupe and Station Wagon versions. The engine, a 1850 or 2000cc 4-cylinder, is flanked by a manual 4-speed gearbox or, as a paid option, a 3-speed automatic. In 1979, the manual gearbox became 5-speed, while the following year a more powerful 98HP 2.6 engine was introduced.

GH (1980–1982)

This version didn’t bring important news mechanically, but it was the protagonist of the change of branding from Chrysler to Mitsubishi and was released in new markets, namely Japan and New Zealand. More luxurious fittings arrived, and a 156HP supercharged engine was added to the range.

GJ (1982–1984)

While the transition between GE and GH did not involve significant changes, the GJ relied on a total redesign, which started from the structure of the vehicle, now inherited from the Galant. The Sigma continued to be produced solely as a Sedan, Coupe or Station Wagon, and the engines did not change either, but were slightly enhanced. The sports variant “GSR” arrived, in which four disc brakes were adopted, as well as a luxurious “Duper Saloon” variant with a standard 5-speed manual gearbox, air conditioning, electric windows and body painting done in two colors. It was the first generation to land in Europe, more precisely in the United Kingdom, but under the name of the Lonsdale brand.

GK (1984–1985)

The GK version was focused on aesthetic updates, both internal and external. Internally, the seats and part of the dashboard were redesigned, while externally the hood, the headlights and the grille received an update too. The sportier and more luxurious versions were further enriched, while there were no changes from the mechanical point of view.

GN (1985–1987)

The GN was the last version of the Mitsubishi Galant to be marketed. The mechanics remained almost identical and, among the novelties, there was not much more than a slight redesign of the exteriors. The production house was now focused on more profitable models, and invested very little in the creation of this latest version.

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