Along with many other old models such as the Ami and the 2cv, the DS is certainly one of the most original and extravagant cars ever produced by Citroen! Even the names of the engines are unusual: they are called “19”, “20”, “21”… but maybe that’s why this car has gone down in history! It has often been nicknamed “shark” due to its enormous size. It is very comfortable thanks to soft seats and a good build quality; the hydro-pneumatic suspension makes it very pleasant for long journeys. The front brakes are disc, while the rear drum. Already at the time, however, this car was considered very slow and difficult to drive in the city. It was replaced after 20 years by the Citroen CX.
📷 @subbinski
🏎 Citroen DS III
📍 France
🛠 “20” 148NM 99HP
🔝 169km/h
💶 No longer on sale
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