In early 2009, the House of the “Double Chevron” informed the press that it wanted to resurrect two historic letters: D and S. For an understandable misunderstanding, the media assumed that Citroën had in mind to launch a flagship remake of the famous Citroën DS in production. In reality, the intention was to use the letters DS for a new line of more refined models, able to compare on equal terms with the small “premiums” that were so successful at the end of the decade. The DS3 and the third generation C3 have many similarities.
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🔑 @henrika.griskiene
🏎 Citroën DS3 Phase 1
📍 France
🛠 1.6 THP Airdream 156HP
💨 7,2 seconds
🔝 210km/h
💶 No longer on sale
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