The Saxo, produced for only one generation starting from 1996, presents itself as a worthy successor to the Citroen AX, from which it inherits the same platform to contain production costs: the result is a car very similar to the 2nd gen. Peugeot 106 since many of their parts are shared. In the photo, we see the VTS model, which is at the top of the range. Thanks to its simple and clean design, the Saxo was named “Most Beautiful Car” in 1997. The VTS model (which, in addition to a much more powerful engine, had 15-inch wheels, while the other models had 14) was especially intended for young people, who often look for sports cars at low prices. It features a 118HP 1.6 engine and can reach 205Km7H of top speed. Although Saxo sold of 1,200,000 units, the first generation Citroen C3 replaces it after only seven years of production.
📷 @carlosmarques16
🏎 Citroen Saxo (S0, S1)
📍 France
🛠 1.0 “X” 45HP
💨 8,7 seconds
🔝 205km/h
💶 No longer on sale
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