We can recognize the Corvette C2 mainly by its complex and detailed design, far less linear than that of its predecessor, the C1. It remained in production for a few years (from 1963 to 1967), but in this period the American brand produced several reinterpretations and special versions. Among the design features of the C2 are the retractable taillights and the sharp nose. Right from the start, the C2 offers standard technologies in step with the times, such as air conditioning and car radio. These technologies make the stay inside the car pleasant. Among the options, but only from 1965, there are disc brakes. The power of the Corvette C2 increases from year to year with the new engines: at the beginning, the only engine available has a power of 365HP, which becomes 375 the following year; in 1965 the 425HP V8 6.5 “Big-block” engine makes its debut together with a 370HP injection engine, which however is unsuccessful because even more expensive than the Big-block variant. The following year begins the limited production of the most powerful engine produced for the street: a 7 liter 430HP. Before the arrival of the C3, several sports variants of the C2 were also produced, which are the 600HP L88, the 360 ​​Z06, the 475HP Cheetah Coupe, and the 485HP Grand Sport Coupe.

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🏎️ Chevrolet Corvette C2 Coupe
🛠️ V8 5.4 250HP
💨 5,9 seconds
🔝 210km/h
💶 No longer on sale
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