The Dodge Avenger was produced only in Coupe version in its first generation (FJ), and in a Sedan version in its second generation (JS). In the photo you can see the Sedan version, produced from 2008 to 2013, is based on the platform of many other cars: the Peugeot 4007, the Mitsubishi Lancer, the Mitsubishi Outlander and the Jeep Compass. The base model’s engine, of which you will find the technical specifications in the table below, was a Volkswagen that can produce 140 horsepower. The 235 horsepower version, on the other hand, has the engine shared with the Mercedes E-Class W211 and the Chrysler 300 C.
πŸ“·Β @drednec86
🏎 Dodge Avenger Sedan II (JS)
πŸ“ USA
πŸ›  2.0 CRE 310NM 140HP
πŸ’¨ 10,5 seconds
πŸ” 200km/h
πŸ’Ά No longer on sale
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