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🏎️ Dodge Charger
🛠️ Two-carburettor V8 5.2
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What is it?

Born in 1966, the original Dodge Charger was one of the first muscle cars, following a trend started in 1964 by an equally iconic car, the Pontiac GTO. The muscle car market flourished in just a few years, so that despite hitting the market as quickly as possible, the Charger was already clashing with the likes of the Ford Mustang and the Plymouth Barracuda, which were already on the market since nearly two years.


First year/gen Charger reporting for duty.: Charger

The Charger has been subject to constant aesthetic updates year after year in order to always look fresh and keep up with the times, while it however maintained the general aesthetic proportions that have always distinguished it. In the first photo of this article there is a 1969 version (which some consider to belong to the second generation, but is actually one of the various facelifts of the first) deeply restored and enhanced under the hood. In any case, our technical data sheet contains data regarding the original model.


1966/67 Dodge Charger interior | Dodge charger interior, Dodge charger,  Dodge

The Charger has a well-kept interior in which the seats are four and are well separated by two comfortable armrests. At the time, the use of internal lighting that uses a system and electroluminescence, instead of the classic bulb bulbs, was an interesting innovation.


The engines originally equipped are four, all V8s: a 5.2, a 5.9, a 335HP 6.3 and a 7.0 425HP.

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