In 2017 Ferrari presented the 812 to replace the F12 Berlinetta. The name “812” describes the engine of the car: 8 stands for eight hundred horsepower and 12 for the number of cylinders. The 812 is produced in the classic “Superfast” and, starting from 2019, in the Convertible “GTS” (Gran Turismo Spider) versions. In the photo, you can see the GTS. This little gem, although it can only accommodate two people, measures 4,67 meters in length and has a dry weight of 1525 kilograms. The design remains generally similar to that of the F12; the only significant difference that can be found on the front is the new LED headlights, but they however have a similar shape to those of the last model. The wheels are 20-inch as standard. The interior has an easily recognizable sporty soul. In the cockpit, the odometer remains analog and an intense yellow color but is surrounded by two digital screens adjustable by the steering wheel’s buttons. Always from the steering wheel, you can quickly choose your driving style in order to make this beast manageable both in the city atmosphere and on the circuit. On the passenger side, there is a small horizontal screen from which it is possible to quickly adjust some car settings. What makes the Superfast and GTS so fast, as well as the excellent aerodynamic coefficient is a powerful V12 engine. To create it, the engineers of the Maranello brand have used a lot of knowledge learned thanks to the participation of the Formula 1 tournaments. In fact, the 812 engine has a direct injection system coming from the world of F1. The price of the 812 Superfast and GTS is, needless to say, exorbitant. The Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 single-seaters also derive from the 812.

📷 @ferrari
🏎️ Ferrari 812 Superfast
📍 Italy
🛠️ V12 6.5 DCT 800HP
💨 2,9 seconds
🔝 340km/h
💶 301.000€ for the Superfast and 333.900€ for the GTS in Europe
💵 337.000$ for the Superfast and 380.000$ for the GTS in the United States
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐️⚡ (4,5/5)