Produced as a replacement for the 500 from 1972 to 2000, the 126 is one of the symbols of Fiat. It is present in numerous films and has had excellent commercial success in the internal Italian market. This success allowed it to remain on sale for almost three decades and then left a hole in the Fiat range that will be filled years later with the new 500. Especially in the first few years, the mechanics, engine included, is very similar to that of the old 500. In 1976 was introduced a redesigned which, in addition to modernizing the car, features a more efficient braking system (but all four brakes still have drum technology). The presence of faux leather in the interior abounds. Everything is sold in the “Economica” (which means cheap in Italian), Personal 2p and Personal 4p versions. Over time, the engine (only one version was sold) keeps most of its original features, but its power and displacement slightly increase. The practicality and low prices of this vehicle have led not only to success but also to its charm, so much so that today many consider it a collector’s vintage car.
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🏎 Fiat 126
📍 Italy
🛠 air-cooled 2-cylinder 600cc 23HP
💶 No longer on sale
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