To celebrate the 120th anniversary of its birth, in 2019 Fiat presents its idea of ​​the city car of the future, the Centoventi. Its design, built on a platform of its own but largely inspired by that of the Panda, wins the award for the most innovative of the year 2019. In the photo, you can see the new Fiat logo next to four vertical blue LEDs, which are a tribute to the first generation of the Fiat Panda and also have the practical function of indicating battery charge. In the back, however, there is an external screen in which you can insert a personalized message… you can even promote a brand and earn from the sponsor! The doors of the Centoventi open with a wardrobe movement like those of a Rolls Royce, while the absence of the differential makes the interior seem very spacious. The trunk has a capacity of 350 liters, which is an excellent fact considering that the Centoventi is just 3.68 meters long. A futuristic double display facing the driver dominates the dashboard, while the passenger enjoys a shelf in front of him formed by the dashboard itself. The Centoventi engine is exclusively electric and powered by lithium-ion batteries. The base configuration offers only 100km of range, but this can be increased up to 500km by purchasing or renting additional batteries. At the moment, the Centoventi is a concept not for sale produced in a single unit, but it is thought that the mass production of this vehicle will begin shortly with a base price of around 15.000€ for the European market.

📷 @fiat
🏎️ Fiat Centoventi Concept
📍 Italy
🛠️ Electric 130HP
🔝 150km/h
💶 Not for sale
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