With its sportive shape, the Cougar was a good attempt at sports car at the right price. This car is really rare and has no successors. Introduced in 1998, this Coupe measures a good 4.70 meters, and it follows that the trunk is very large (410 liters), but the habitability in the rear seats is somewhat limited. Mechanically, this model is very similar to the Mondeo. The base engine is called “R4” and has 130 horsepower. There is also an enhanced version with a V6 engine with a total power of 170HP and 220NM. In 2001, the Cougar receives an important aesthetic design, which is only available in America. Among the novelties are the new logo and new 17-inch base wheels.
📷 @lcfordgirl
🏎 Ford Cougar BCV
🛠 “R4” 2.0i 16V 178NM 130HP
💨 10,3 seconds
🔝 209km/h
💶 No longer available
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