The ST 7th gen. is the most powerful Ford Fiesta ever. The ST’s engine (not ST-Line!), despite having only 3 cylinders, can develop 200HP. There is also cylinder deactivation technology when the full power of the engine is not required, so the fuel consumption is very low, considering that we are talking about a sports car. It is also 7 centimeters longer than the previous model.
📷 @5secondsauto
🏎 Ford Fiesta Plus ST MK7
🛠 1.5 EcoBoost 5d 200HP
💨 6,5 seconds
🔝 232km/h
💶 30.000€ in Europe
💵 22.300$ in the United States
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐️ (4/5)