The Ford Ka was born in 1996 from the idea of ​​creating a city car with an easily recognizable but simple design whose shapes will give a certain degree of playfulness to the car. In the early years, the Ka’s exterior became popular also thanks to the resistant but unsightly plastic bumpers; to satisfy customer requests, Ford subsequently introduced the possibility of having bumpers in the same color as the rest of the body. Based on the Fiesta MK3’s structure, the Ka is initially on sale in a single set-up with only the bare essentials as standard: even simple technologies such as air conditioning, rear headrests, front electric windows, and, since 1997, ABS, are optional. In terms of safety, the Ka receives a three out of five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash tests. During its first four years of production, this car uses a 60HP four-cylinder “Endura” engine, which provides more than adequate responsiveness to the city’s movements. Performance and technical characteristics remain similar even when, in 2001, the new and more efficient “Duratec” structure replaces the Endura. In the same year, a new instrumentation including a digital speedometer debuts. In 2003, the SportKa and StreetKa variants made their debut. The first shows an aggressive look thanks to the brand new spoiler and sixteen-inch alloy wheels, while the second is nothing more than a convertible version of the standard model. Although it has never received a real rejuvenation redesign, the Ford Ka 1st gen. ends its production in 2008 after 12 years from its release on the market.

📷 @lemonyellowford
🏎️ Ford Ka
📍 United States
🛠️ 1.3 Endurae 100NM 60HP
💨 14,8 seconds
🔝 155km/h
💶 No longer on sale
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