Hummers have always been record-breaking cars, a type of car that much hate and much love because, just like many other American vehicles, they are exaggerated… like the 717 horsepower Dodge SRT Hellcat that nearly takes flight, for example?. The Hummer H3, which was only produced in Europe and the United States, is a unique car of its kind. It is smaller and less stocky than the previous H1 and H2. The gearbox can be a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. The task of a 3.5-liter base engine (which was later upgraded to 3.7) is not easy: it involves moving a mass of almost 2200 kilograms with a very poor aerodynamic profile (as it should be in a car of this type). It goes without saying that fuel consumption is skyrocketing, and with 328 grams of CO2 per kilometer, it is not eco-friendly at all… A limited version of the H3 was also released in collaboration with Calvin Klein. A successor to the H3 has never been created, which is, therefore, the last Hummer ever produced and marks the end of these vehicles in 2010, but soon there will be a glorious return!
📷 @hummer_bug
🏎 Hummer H3
🛠 3.5i 4×4 20V 305NM 223HP
💨 11,2 seconds
🔝 158km/h
💶 No longer on sale
Our vote: ⭐⚡ (1,5/5)