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🏎️ Jaguar F-Type facelift 2019
📍 United Kingdom
🛠️ 4-cylinder 2.0 400NM 300HP
💨 5,7 seconds
🔝 250km/h
💶 65.000€ in Europe
💵 61.500$ in the United States

What is it?

The Jaguar F-Type is a midsize sports car. The British brand worked extensively on the creation of a model that could be easily recognized and associated with the Jaguar emblem, until it officially debuted in 2013 as a spiritual successor to the E-Type, whose production ended in 1975.


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4,47 meters long and 1,92 meters wide, the F-Type is produced both as a Roadster and as a Coupe, and is distinguished outwardly primarily by its back, characterized by a rear window that rains heavily on the trunk creating a sharp rear angle which contrasts with the softness of the lines of the hood.


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The same qualities and refinement are perceived in the interior, whose build quality is satisfactory and whose technologies are in step with the competition, made up of vehicles such as the Porsche 718 and the BMW Z4. Among the features of the on-board computer, there is a program capable of offering the driver 25 different driving modes.


Jaguar, su F-Type il 2.0 300 cv più potente di sempre - Prove e Novità -  ANSA.it
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With a weight of 1600kg, the F-Type has a body made entirely of aluminum. The engines initially available were three: two V6 3.0 supercharged, one 340HP and one 380HP and a 550HP V8 5.0 with a volumetric compressor. All these engines are combined as standard with rear-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic transmission. On request, a 6-speed manual can be matched with the V6 variants.


Immediately following the presentation of the “standard” model, the F-Type R debuted. The R has a lighter structure and a better finished interior, but above all it combines the already presented V8 550HP with a brand new all-wheel drive.
In 2016, the SVR arrived, and today is still the most powerful F-Type on the market. It would be almost identical to the R, if it were not equipped with a V8 5.0 upgraded to 575HP. The SVR accelerates from zero to 100 in 3,7 seconds and has a top speed of 320km/h.
In 2017, however, an entry-level variant with a 4-cylinder in-line 2.0 300HP engine made its debut.
In 2019, a very light restyling involved the arrival of the latest generation of LED headlights and a new infotainment.

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