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🏎️ Jaguar XJ220
📍 United Kingdom
🛠️ V6 3.5 BiTurbo 542HP
💨 3,8 seconds
🔝 350km/h
💶 No longer on sale

What is it?

The Jaguar XJ220 is a sports Coupe produced from 1992 to 1994 mainly known for being the first mass-produced car to reach 350km/h, remaining the fastest road car in the world for two years. The design started already in the late 70s, when some engineers voluntarily gathered in “The Saturday Club” to work on unofficial projects. In the early eighties, the British brand’s desire to produce a hypercar capable of competing with the Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40 materialized in the JX220 project. The presales of the JX220 began in 1989 and included a production of 281 units. Buyers had to pay 50.000£ to list and 361.000£ for the car. At the current exchange rate, this would be a total amount of approximately 600.000€/700.000$.

Design and interior

File:Jaguar XJ220 (1994) interior.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The shape of the XJ220 is simple as well as highly aerodynamic. The same thing happens inside, where there aren’t special aesthetic innovations nor new technologies. However, the XJ220 is generally regarded as one of the finest Jaguars ever built. With dimensions of 4,93 x 2,00 meters, the XJ220 is a particularly larger car than its main competitors.


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A very light engine was equipped (the car in total has a dry weight of 1350kg), a 3.5 liter V6 BiTurbo. The traction is permanently RWD.

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