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🏎️ Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 (2021)
📍 Italy
🛠️ MHEV V12 6.5 720NM 820HP
💨 3,8 seconds
🔝 355km/h
💶 2.000.000€ + taxes in Europe
💵 2.000.000$ + taxes in the United States

What is it?

Lamborghini, a brand that has always embraced technological progress, in 2021 once again wanted to confirm its equally strong link with tradition by introducing a new generation of the legendary Countach. The new Countach is identified with the abbreviation “LPI 800-4”, a code name that refers to the Italian words “Longitudinale Posteriore Ibrida” (Longitudinal Rear Hybrid), engine power of 800HP and 4-wheel drive. The PLI 800-4 will be produced in 112 units as a homage to the name of the first Countach “L112”. The price is around 2.000.000€/$ excluding taxes.


Lamborghini Countach roars back to the future as an 800-hp hybrid
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The LPI 800-4 has been repeatedly criticized for looking more like an Aventador, a car with which it largely shares the components, than with the original Countach L112. However, numerous references to the predecessor are not exempt, such as the large rear air intakes, the typical hexagonal wheel passes and the shape of the lights (which are no longer retractable, as this has now become illegal in many countries). The rear lights are made up of three illuminated hexagons each, a detail inherited from the Sian FKP 37, while the exhausts are four and are all centrally located. The dimensions of 4,87 x 2,09 meters make the LPI 800-4 a quite big supercar. The diameter of the rims is 21” at the rear and 20″ at the front.


Lamborghini Countach 2021, motore, interni, foto, prestazioni
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As in the original Countach, the interior has a boxy shape. In addition, there are numerous carbon fiber inserts and a generous customizable digital cockpit. All this is obviously customizable.


Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4| Lamborghini.com
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The Countach LPI 800-4 structure is made largely of carbon fiber. This engineering choice resulted in a weight of 1595kg, more than adequate for a car of this size that also has a hybrid powertrain. Mild-Hybrid is in fact the engine, which combines the 780HP 6.5-liter V12 of the Aventador 780-4 Ultimae with a small 34HP electric unit integrated into the 7-speed semi-automatic single-clutch gearbox. The electric powertrain, which is 48 Volt, is powered by a supercapacitor that draws energy from regenerative braking, rather than a typical lithium-ion battery. The LPI 800-4 can travel in Full-Electric mode up to 130km/h.

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