Lexus worked very hard on the third IS series: three prototypes have been developed. The interiors are made of very precious materials and touch keys, but the technology sector has not evolved as much as that of German opponents who came out in the same years as the Mercedes C-Class, the BMW 4 Series or the Audi A5. The IS is equipped with 8 airbags, which allowed it to obtain very high results in the NCAAP crash tests. This car is very similar to the Lexus RC, which is in fact a 3-door version of it.
📷 @leonidpoz
🏎 Lexus IS III XE30
📍 Japan
🛠 250 Automatic 208HP
💨 8,1 seconds
🔝 225km/h
💶 No longer on sale
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)