The Mercedes-Benz EQG is a concept car announced in 2021 as an electric variant of the famous G-Class. The EQG is therefore a further step towards the total electrification of the Mercedes range, and in addition to replacing the petrol engine with an electric one, this car also has a more futuristic design. Focusing on the exterior aesthetics, it is impossible not to notice the massive presence of decorative LEDs along the entire body of the car. Most of these lights have no practical use, but serve to distinguish the car, which certainly attracts attention. The imposing 22-inch rims are also noticeable, while the vehicle is no longer equipped with a spare wheel: the compartment that in the G-Class is normally used for the spare wheel is in this case used to house the charging cable and any other accessories. The concept paint scheme is two-tone, being predominantly gray but at the same time having black bonnet, roof and window surrounds. Inside, however, the situation does not vary much from the classic petrol-powered G Wagon. There are four electric motors, one per wheel, but their technical specifications, as well as those of the battery, are not yet known.
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🏎️ Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept
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🛠️ 4 electric units (one per wheel)
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