Presented in 2021, the Mercedes EQS proposed itself as the flagship among the electric cars of the German brand. Derived from the Vision EQS 2019 concept, the 2021 EQS is the first Mercedes electric vehicle ever to feature a dedicated structure: previously, all electric Mercedeses were based on the chassis of gasoline models which were already on the market. The new perfectly shaped body is optimized for aerodynamics: the EQS has a Cx of just 0.20, which is far below most of its competitors. In electric vehicles, having a low Cx is important to keep the battery life significantly longer. The dimensions, similar to those of the S-Class, are 5,21 x 1,92 meters, while the weight is over 2500 kilograms. Inside this super futuristic vehicle, the surrounding environment is dominated by RGB LEDs, and the whole dashboard houses three giant OLED displays: the first is an immersive virtual cockpit dedicated to the driver, the second is the classic main screen from which it is possible to set many functions of the car, and the third is made to entertain in the passenger by working almost like a computer. The battery capacity can be chosen between 90 and 107kWh. With the 107kWh battery equipped, the EQS has a record declared autonomy of 770 kilometers, and the batteries can benefit from the 200kW fast charge. The engines are also two: the basic one, called “450+” has 333HP and reaches 100km/h (62mp/h) in 6,2 seconds, and the advanced one “580”, accelerates in 4,3 with an output of 523HP. These performances seem to be lower than those of many competitors, such as the Audi E-Tron GT, Porsche Taycan, and, especially, Tesla Model S.

📷 @mercedeseq
🏎️ Mercedes-Benz EQS I V297
📍 Germany
🛠️ “450+” 568NM 333HP
💨 6,2 seconds
🔝 210km/h
💶 Not still declared
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