The Nissan 300ZX also called Fairlady Z, receives a radical redesign thanks to the second generation launched in 1989, which has the code name of “Z32”, while the name of the first generation is “Z31”. This 2nd gen. has more tapered lines to ensure a more modern design. The aerodynamic profile is also completely revised and refined. On a technical level, a big news is the presence of Nissan’s patented HICAS technology, which makes the rear wheels steer, and which we see in other very important Nissan models such as the Silvia S15. Another interesting fact is that compared to the Z31 the Z32 has the same V6 engine, but thanks to the new Twin Turbo technology with two intercoolers, it is more powerful by 60-80 horsepower. The proposed versions are in fact two, one naturally aspirated with 222 and a Twin Turbo with 283 horsepower. Despite being out of production for a long time, the 300ZX Z32 is a very coveted car among JDM enthusiasts. The Nissan 350Z will replace this car in 2002.
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🏎 Nissan 300ZX II (Z32)
📍 Japan
🛠 3.0 Twin Turbo 375NM 283HP
💨 5,9 seconds
🔝 250km/h
💶 No longer on sale
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