The Nissan Micra 2nd gen. (code name K11) brings with it a series of really interesting innovations that make it a very modern car for the era in which it is on the market. Precisely for this reason, the K11 remained on sale for ten years (from 1992 to 2002) undergoing no significant restyling. Both three-door and five-door versions were available. The new design is much more refined and linear than that of the previous generation; the lines, now more rounded, give the K11 a greater sense of aesthetic continuity. This super-compact measures 3,72 x 1,59 meters, and proposes itself as an alternative to vehicles such as the Citroen Saxo, the Volkswagen Polo, the Ford Ka, and many others. The trunk volume, which is affected by the small size of the car, measures only 206 liters if the rear seats are not reclined, and reaches its maximum capacity of 960 liters if they are. The engines available are all of small displacement and have variable power between 54 and 82 horsepower. As for safety, the K11 is a step ahead of most of the competition: ABS and special seat belts with pre-tensioners are included in the standard equipment at no cost. Door intrusion bars are also included. In 1994 the cabriolet version was also presented, but it will be sold only in Japan starting from 1997. In 1998 this car receives a little aesthetic redesign. The Micra K11 gets unexpected economic success, especially in Europe.

📷 @rustybluk11
🏎️ Nissan Micra II K11
📍 Japan
🛠️ 1.0 16V 54HP
💨 16,4 seconds
🔝 150km/h
💶 No longer on sale
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐️⚡ (4,5/5)