The Opel Adam has a very special name, as it derives from the name of the founder of the famous car brand, namely Adam Opel. The Adam is a utility car that focuses on a fashion and modern design produced in a single generation from 2012 (but on sale from 2013) to 2019. The Adam is tiny, measuring only 3,69 meters in length, not much more than a Fiat 500, and consequently, the trunk doesn’t offer much space: 170 liters of capacity if the rear seats are not folded down. Despite this, the weight is quite high, given that it is about 1100 kilos. It shares its structure with the Corsa D and the Fiat Punto. The engines range from 70 to 115 horsepower and guarantee good performance in cities, but there are no truly sporty versions (except from 2015 a 150HP one) nor diesel engines. Because of the fairly high weight and rear drum brakes, braking is not the most efficient in its category. Inside, various adjustments are easily manageable through a central 7-inch touchscreen display compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Among its opponents, we find many compact cars such as the Hyundai i10, the Volkswagen Up!, and the Toyota Aygo.
πŸ“· @opel
🏎 Opel Adam
πŸ“ Germany
πŸ›  β€œRocks” 1.2 115NM 70HP
πŸ’¨ 14,9 seconds
πŸ” 165km/h
πŸ’Ά No longer on sale
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐️ (3/5)