The Land Cruiser J40 was launched way back in 1960 and was part of a family of cars produced by Toyota that […]
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I appreciate the innovative style of these rims! It is also a very resistant vehicle based on the MQB platform, which obtained […]
With a rounded design, this Q3 is not as aggressive as the second generation is; but it remains an excellent example of […]
The A3 8V had a great commercial success thanks to its classic design and its outstanding build quality. This car has been […]
It looks similar to a normal car aesthetically, but inside there’s a much more crackling engine than the average! This missile has […]
The third series of the car (now called Ceed without the apostrophe) was presented at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. This Kia […]
The Fiat Stilo was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2001 as heir to the medium-range Bravo and Brava cars. […]
The A310 was presented in 1971 at the Geneva motor show as a replacement for the A110. Compared to the latter, however, […]
The second generation of the Audi A1, of which the “ABT Sportsline” version can be seen in the photo, is much more […]