In 2006, the Peugeot 106 reborn thanks to many new modern solutions. The new dimensions are 3,68 x 1,61 meters. The new design abandons the squared lines of the previous generation in favor of a more modern and cohesive aesthetic. The interiors offer a decent quality for this car’s category, and their design looks very essential. The mechanic configuration of the Peugeot 106 is the same as the Citroen Saxo; the basic configuration offers 50HP, while the most powerful takes the name of β€œGTI” (also known as S16 in some countries) and its engine generates a power of 118HP. Another powerful variant is the Rallye, but its features are very limited, since the electric windows, air conditioner, and alloy wheels are missing. The 2nd gen. 106 remains on sale until 2004 and benefits of a good commercial success.
πŸ“·Β @guillaume_e30
🏎️ Peugeot 106 II
πŸ“ France
πŸ› οΈ 1.0i 74NM 50HP
πŸ’¨ 19,4 seconds
πŸ” 150km/h
πŸ’Ά No longer on sale
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⚑ (3,5/5)