The Porsche 911 991 is a legendary car, one of those that pushed me to love the world of motorsport from the moment of its release, and I’m sure it made many other motorsport lovers dream! It goes on sale in 2012 and replaces the 997. The style remains the same and unmistakable but is now more modern. In fact, Porsche is keen to call this car a “timeless machine”. The new body is lighter thanks to a wider use of aluminum, in this way the weight is maintained in almost all versions below 1500 kilograms. There are three configurations available: Coupe, Targa, and Cabriolet, and there there are also many special versions such as the Club Coupe, the 50th Anniversary Edition, the GT3 RS, and the super-powerful Turbo S in the photo which, with a power of 560HP, is able to reach 100km/h (62mp/h) in 3,1 seconds. Inside, the quality and attention to detail are indisputable, just as it is unfortunately indisputable that the standard equipment is decidedly meager considering the price (at the time the cheaper Coupe version cost about 100.000€). The flat 6-cylinder Boxter engine configurations are obviously also in the 991, as tradition dictates! While the rear suspension uses the multi-link system, we have MacPherson suspension at the front. This system is electrically adjustable. You can choose between all-wheel drive 4×4 or RWD. In 2016 a slight restyling is presented, where the changes are secondary and the main features of the model, such as the possibility to choose between manual gearbox or PDK dual-clutch, remain the same. Below is the info about the Coupe baseline Carrera model, which is however super fast!

🏎 @porsche
🏎 Porsche 911 991 Coupe
📍 Germany
🛠 Carrera Boxter RWD 3.4 390NM 350HP
💨 4,8 seconds
🔝 289km/h
💶 No longer on sale
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐️⭐️ (5/5)