Available first as Sedan and two years later also as Station Wagon, the 1st gen. Saab 9-5 was presented in 1997 as heir to the 9000. Its all-new platform, or the GM902, is a bigger variant of the Saab 9-3’s GM900 and makes the vehicle measure 4,80 meters in length and 1,79 in width. According to the Euro NCAP crash tests, the GM902 also guarantees good safety, scoring four stars out of five in the crash tests. In addition to traditional safety technologies such as ABS, the Saab 9-5 also features the patented SAHR (Saab Active Head Restraints) system which prevents whiplash damage by specifically adjusting the seats’ position. The design, very similar to that of the 9000, is aerodynamically well-engineered, as the Cx is 0,29 on the Sedan and 0,31 on the Sation Wagon. Simple and elegant, the interior dashboard is inspired by the world of aeronautics, as Saab is also an aircraft manufacturer: the large eyelid, which houses a three-quadrant panel, extends to the central part of the dashboard and culminates in the tunnel between the two seats where the ignition key is placed. All the instruments are projected towards the driver while the only elements dedicated to the passenger are the diffusers of the ventilation system. The interior became even more luxurious and customizable when in 2002 an aesthetic facelift arrived. In 2006, the 9-5 has undergone a second substantial restyling in which the grilles, lights, bumpers, and air intakes have been modernized and the interior enriched with new technologies, such as the satnav and a new multifunctional display. The 1st gen. Saab 9-5’s production ended in 2009 when its successor was released.

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🏎️ Saab 9-5 I
πŸ“ Sweden
πŸ› οΈ 2.0 T 240NM 150HP
πŸ’¨ 9,8 seconds
πŸ” 215km/h
πŸ’Ά No longer on sale
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