The first generation of the Seat Leon (lion in Spanish) was born in 1998 with the code name “1M”. The Spanish manufacturer intended to create a compact vehicle of high build quality using many of the components developed for the production of the Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3. Despite this, the exterior design has many points of divergence from the two sisters produced in Germany; similarly to what is still happening today, this choice allowed buyers to choose the design and brand as they pleased while buying a mechanically almost identical car belonging to the Volkswagen group. At the time of its release on the market, there were many engines in the range and had power between 68 and 178HP. The first Seat Cupra (pictured) arrived in 2001 with a powerful 204HP V6 engine in the petrol version and a more fuel-efficient 150HP turbo diesel. The Cupra boasts a four-wheel drive as standard. The Cupra R was also introduced the following year, boasting first 209, then, following a slight upgrade, 225HP of power. Production of the Leon 1M ended in 2005 when the 1P was introduced.
📷 @seat
🏎️ Seat Leon I (1M)
📍 Spain
🛠️ 1.9 SDI 133NM 68HP
💨 17,7 seconds
🔝 160km/h
💶 No longer on sale
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