The Skoda 100 Series was born in 1969 as a replacement for the previous “1000 MB” range, from which it actually inherited all the mechanics. The main difference is in fact the redesigned body in favor of a simpler design; therefore, the opulence diminished. The quality of the interiors also decreased in favor of a reduction in production costs; thus, the driver has to face a dashboard entirely made of plastic. A good change is instead the replacement of the old drum brakes with disc brakes on the front wheels. The available engines were the S100 (1.0 42HP), S110 L (1.1 48HP), S110 LS (1.1 55HP). In 1970 a Coupe Fastback 1.1 55HP version (pictured) called S110 R also arrived. The production did not experience particular updates over the years and ended in 1981.
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🏎️ Skoda 100 Series
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🛠️ S100 1.0 42HP
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