The Toyota 4Runner is undoubtedly a very impressive car produced in five generations starting from 1983. In the photo, there is its most recent version, a facelift from 2013 which shares its structure with the FJ Cruiser. Although the aesthetics make the 4Runner appear mammoth, in reality, this car measures “only” 4,83 meters in length and 1,92 in width, while the weight almost reaches 3000 kilos. The only engine featured in this 2013 version is a powerful 270 horsepower V6. The 4Runner is famous for its great longevity: it’s not difficult to find some with more than 400.000 kilometers traveled!
🏎️ Toyota 4Runner V facelift 2013
πŸ“ Japan
πŸ› οΈ 4×4 V6 4.0 24V 377NM 270HP
πŸ’΅ 36.400$ in the United States
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