The 4th generation Prius is another confirmation of how much Toyota is focusing on hybrid technology (available on the Prius since 1997), and how it is always among the first brands to develop new technologies to sell at affordable prices to reach the general public. It is often a car used by taxi drivers, as it is comfortable and consumes very little. On a technical level, its structure is called Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), and it takes on a rather original form. The weight, considering that the Prius is about 4.5 meters long and has a hybrid engine, is quite good: 1375kg. The trunk has an exceptional capacity of 502 liters. The finishes (often made in plastic) of the interiors are not at the level of those of the more luxurious sister, the Lexus CT, but the on-board technologies are good: the central display is spacious and allows you to choose numerous parameters, including the drive mode. The petrol engine has 98 horsepower, while the electric one has 72, for a total combined power of 122 horsepower. No other configurations are available. The price is correct, and this other figure also allows the Prius to be the best-selling hybrid vehicle ever. The Hyundai Ioniq can be considered a good alternative to this car.<br>_________________________________________
📷 @toyota 
🏎 Toyota Prius IV (XV50)
📍 Japan
🛠 1.8 VTT-I Hybrid CVT 122HP
💨 10,6 seconds 
🔝 180km/h
💶 29.000€ in Europe
💵 24.500$ in the United States
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐️ (4/5)