Of all the Volkswagens produced in recent years, the T-Cross is perhaps the most criticized. The cause of this is not the general quality nor the engines, but the fact that it is part of a segment of its own, so it is a useless car for most of the people. It is, in fact, a really small city SUV (just over 4 meters in length) that in the future will also be available in a convertible version (pictured). Its platform is shared with the non-SUV city cars produced by the Volkswagen group: the Polo, Seat Ibiza, Skoda Scala, and Audi A1. The exterior design looks a bit cheap. Despite this, some details such as the unified taillights make the T-Cross look modern. The technologies are the same as those present in the Polo MK6. Likewise, the engines are also shared with the Polo. The standard version has an affordable average price of around 20.000€ in Europe, while the Cabriolet version is still not for sale. The latter, which is still a concept, is already criticized for its poor habitability since even the big sister T-Roc Cabriolet has this problem.
📷 @volkswagen
🏎 Volkswagen T-Cross
📍 Germany
🛠 1.0 TSI 95HP
💨 10,8 seconds
🔝 180km/h
💶 20.000€ in Europe
Our vote: ⭐⚡ (1,5/5)