Introduced to replace the Amazon and produced from 1966 to 1974, the Volvo 140 is the first sub-series of the 100 Series. The production of the 140 was divided into three variants: the two-door Sedan “142”, the four-door Sedan “144”, and the Station Wagon “145” (pictured). Initially, the entire range benefited from a 1.8 engine sold both in the basic version with a single carburetor (85HP) and in the more performing version with a double carburetor (103HP). In the following years, 2-liter engines were implemented, but exclusively in the 145. These engines offer similar performance but lower fuel consumption. Moreover, the 142 and 144 remained almost unchanged until the end of production, while the 145 was subject to continuous aesthetic and technological improvements through almost annual facelifts. The 140 range was replaced by the 240.
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🏎️ Volvo 145 (Station Wagon
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🛠️ 1.8 85HP
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