Our platform was created to give information about each vehicle in a simple and fast way, but sometimes it can happen that there are misunderstandings in the descriptions. Don’t worry, we are here to help you! Here are the meanings of the symbols that you can see in our technical datasheets.


The blue words (in this case “Volkswagen Golf” and “Ford Focus”) are related articles; if you click on them, you’ll be able to see the story of other vehicles!

The symbol “📷” indicates who’s the photographer and owner of the vehicle shown in the photo. Sometimes, under the “📷”, you could see this other symbol: “🔑”. This means that the owner and the photographer are not the same person. In this case, the photographer is mentioned next to the “📷” symbol, and the owner next to the “🔑”.

The blue names with a “@” will show you the Instagram page of the owner and photographer of the vehicle in the photo. Don’t forget to leave him/her some support on his/her social media!

“🏎” indicates the name of the vehicle we are talking about, but it’s usually more specific compared to the title. That’s because it’s not generic information but it’s referred exactly to the vehicle in the photo, so also the subsequent information is related to it.

“📍” indicates the nation where the brand of this vehicle is located, NOT the location where the vehicle is produced nor the location where its owner lives.

“🛠” indicates one of the engines with which the vehicle is sold. We usually put the most popular one, so the most chosen by the owners of that vehicle. It’s also the same as the one had by the vehicle in the photo.

“💨” indicates how much time it takes to the vehicle to reach 100km/h (62mp/h).

“🔝”indicates the top speed of the vehicle in km/h (1km/h = 0,62mp/h).

“💶” indicates the base price with which the vehicle we’re talking about is in sale if bought as a new car. This information is not available for vehicles that are no longer on sale. The price is usually in euros and is the average cost of the vehicle in the photo considering many countries of the EU. When the price in euros is not available (usually because the car isn’t sold in Europe) we write it in dollars.

“⭐” and “⚡” indicate the vote the reviewer gives to the vehicle he/she’s talking about. 1 “⭐” worths one point out of five, while “⚡” worths 0,5 points out of five.