The Infiniti QX50 is a premium medium-sized SUV born in 2013 as heir to the EX. The 4,69 meters long and 1,90 wide 1st gen. QX50 has rounded lines and is characterized by its nice build quality. In the interior, some premium leather covers both the seats, the doors, and the dashboard. The infotainment is poor since there’s not any virtual cockpit and the main display is not high definition and doesn’t offer technologies as advanced as those of the Audi Q5 or the Mercedes GLC. In this generation, all the four engines available are V6 and their power ranges from 220 to 330HP. Two years after its introduction, the 1st gen. QX50 receives a little update where it becomes a few centimeters bigger, features LED exterior lights as standard, and a new panoramic roof as an option. With the advent of the 2nd gen. (pictured) in 2015, the QX50 becomes an innovative vehicle: the 2017 QX50 is the first vehicle ever to come with an engine with a variable compression ratio. The mechanism is called “Turbo VC-T” as it is entirely designed and produced by Nissan. In this mechanism the compression ratio increases when it’s not required much effort from the engine. In this way, petrol consumption should decrease in many situations, but many tests confirm that the result is not relevant. Furthermore, this particular engine is very difficult and expensive to repair. This motor is combined with an automatic “XTRONIC” transmission that is specially designed for proving low consumption. Following the overall trend, in 2021 the QX55 is introduced as a Coupe version of the QX50. The QX50 and 55 are sold at affordable prices.

📷 @infiniti
🏎️ Infiniti QX50 II
📍 Japan
🛠️ 2.0 VC-Turbo XTRONIC 380NM 272HP
💨 6,3 seconds
🔝 230km/h
💵 37.300$ in the United States
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