After ten years from its introduction, in 2010 the most successful Rolls-Royce ever, or the Ghost, receives a substantial upgrade. Exactly as its previous generation and as the Phantom, the 2nd gen. Ghost comes in two variants: the SWB (Short Wheelbase), which is 5,45 meters long and weighs 2550 kilos, and the EWB (Extended Wheelbase), which measures 5,71 meters in length and has a dry weight of just around 50 kilos more than the SWB. One of the main causes of the Ghost’s heaviness is certainly the extensive use of sound-absorbing material (around 100kg), which guarantees an absolute internal silence while the car is moving. The English brand tried to decrease the overall weight by adopting an all-new aluminum chassis. The new design is even simpler and more elegant than ever both inside and outside: as regards the exterior, the 2nd gen. Ghost looks less detailed, and the new LED lights have a perfectly rectangular shape. One of the elements that made the first Ghost so unique, or the umbrella stands integrated into the side doors, is still present. As in every current Rolls-Royce, the interior is classy, comfortable, and fully customizable while purchasing. The roof houses an immersive lighting system composed of 850 small LEDs that shine like diamonds, while the passengers can enjoy the enormous interactive displays of the Ghost, or just listen to some music from an incredibly powerful 1300W mad in UK audio system. The powerful V12 570HP engine of the Ghost is matched with a four steering wheel system. The Ghost II’s price is extremely exclusive.

📷 @rollsroycecars
🏎️ Rolls-Royce Ghost II
📍 United Kingdom
🛠️ V12 6.75 850NM 570HP
💨 4,8 seconds
🔝 250km/h
💶 320.000€ in Europe
💵 315.000$ in the United States
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐️⚡ (4,5/5)