Codenamed “86C”, the 2nd gen. of the Volkswagen Polo was unveiled in 1981 in the Coupe, Wagon (pictures), and Classic versions. Unlike the other variants, the Classic seems to be appositely made for the nostalgic, featuring raw lines and squared front headlights. Characterized by lightness and usability, the Polo MK2 measures 3,65 (or 3,75 as regards the Wagon) x 1,57 meters and weighs just around 800 kilos. The most premium equipment is the “Formel E”, known for its rear spoiler and superior interior quality. In 1990, The Polo MK2 has undergone a restyling in which all the versions take on a new design with rectangular lights and an updated interior. The Polo 86C was produced until its successor, the MK3, came out in 1994.
📷 @jvkub
🏎️ Volkswagen Polo II (86C)
📍 Germany
🛠️ 1.0 74NM 39HP
💨 21,2 seconds
🔝 143km/h
💶 No longer on sale
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