1000 days ago I created this Instagram page with a simple goal: to tell the story of a different car every day, without ever skipping. During this time, I was able to use Swag Cars Photos as a meeting point for all motoring enthusiasts: meeting people from all over the world has been a very educational experience for me, and I am happy to have interacted with thousands of petrolheads.

To celebrate this big milestone, I decided to make the page more open to new formats, as I believe that after 1000 days of activity there is a need for substantial changes.

The posts will become more varied and will not necessarily be posted once a day, but depending on when it is the best time to publish them.

To underline this substantial change from the past, I decided to change the name of the page, giving it the name of the car enthusiast site that I created (@notonlycars_net).

I can’t wait to publish interesting and innovative content, without forgetting all the work done previously, which will continue to be the main focus of the page, as the primary purpose of this page will always be to discuss engines and write about stories and curiosities about them!

Francesco from Not Only Cars 🔥