In 1994, after over eight years of production of the 7 Series E32, BMW introduced the E38 as a successor. The 3rd gen. 7 Series follows the same philosophy as its antecedent but is now based on an all-new platform, which is also available on a slightly elongated version called “L”. The exterior aesthetic is, like all the premium BMWs of the time, sharp and strong, certainly easily recognizable as that of a ‘90s BMW, but is at the same time similar to that of other models of the Bavarian brand. The interior looks more classic than innovative and is characterized by valuable materials such as various types of wood and leather. To make the environment even more comfortable, there are the “Komfort” seats with a massager as an option, and so, many other innovative technologies are available on the E38. Among these, there are the satnav (which was extremely rare and expensive in 1994, close to science fiction) and the TV. Initially, the only engines available were the 218HP 730i and the 286HP 740i, both V8, but in the next years, many other versions (the 143HP 725tds, the 193HP 728i, the pictured 235HP 735i, and the 326HP 750i) arrived. In 1999, the E38 received a slight exterior facelift before being discontinued two years later. The successor, the E65, looks very different compared to the E38.

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🏎️ BMW 7 Series III E38
📍 Germany
🛠️ 725tds 6-cylinder 2.5 280NM 143HP
💨 11,4 seconds
🔝 206km/h
💶 No longer on sale
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