The Buick LeSabre is an American concept car known for having a design largely inspired by the world of aeronautics. A Cabriolet produced in 1951 is the only example of it; so that in the photo is the only LeSabre ever produced. Despite measuring 508 centimeters in length and 290 in width, the LeSabre weighs only 1723 kilos as its body is mostly composed of magnesium and aluminum. The roof of the car rises automatically when it starts to rain thanks to the presence of a sophisticated humidity sensor that works even when the car is not running. The Buick LeSabre is also very interesting from a technical point of view: its 335HP V8 engine is powered by two fuel injectors. The first injector, which always remains active, pumps petrol, while the second, active only at higher speeds, pumps methanol. The gearbox is automatic.
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🏎️ Buick LeSabre
🛠️ V8 3.5 335HP
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