This concept car, the Audi AI:RACE, features an impressive number of technologies that we will probably see in mass-produced sports cars in ten years or more. The aesthetic, although criticized by many, is objectively very innovative and cared for from an aerodynamic point of view, and, also thanks to the futuristic 22-inch rims, makes the PB18 (this is its code name) seem bigger than it is in reality: the length is 4,53 and the width 2,00 meters. Thanks to the use of super light composite materials, the weight does not exceed 1550 kilograms and that’s an excellent result for an electric car! The size of the trunk is also noteworthy, which has a capacity of 470 liters. The interiors do not look like those of a car, but those of a spaceship: on the steering wheel there is the LED illuminated Audi logo and in front of it an immersive screen for the driver. But the most sensational thing is the possibility of transforming the PB18 into a single-seater in which the driver sits in a central position thanks to a 100% automated mechanism that allows the driver’s seat and the entire instrumentation to be moved along a horizontal axis. useful for driving. When it comes to performance, the numbers of this car are shocking: a triple electric motor with a total power of 830NM and 661HP that reach 753HP in “boost” mode pushes the AI:RACE to 100 kilometers per hour in just two seconds and at the same time guarantees an incredible range of 580km… Just for comparison, not even a Tesla Model X can travel that many kilometers. This is due to a record 95kWh battery. The sound of the engine is simulated by the speakers and is very similar to that of a petrol car. The declared top speed is 300km/h. Braking is instant thanks to ceramic brakes.

📷 @audi 
🏎️ Audi AI:RACE (PB18 e-tron) Concept
📍 Germany
🛠️ Electric 830NM boost mode up to 753HP
💨 300km/h
🔝 2 seconds 
💶 Not for sale #conceptcar
Our vote: ⭐⭐⭐⭐️⭐️ (5/5)