Starting from 1982, Citroen starts selling the BX alongside the GS until it replaces it in 1896. The idea of ​​its launch on the market was a marketing strategy that was nothing short of brilliant: a sealed box was dropped from the top of the Eiffel Tower, then it was opened and this new Citroen was revealed to the public. The exterior design is very rough but achieves good aerodynamic results (Cx = 0.34). Part of the body is made of fiberglass. One of the advantages of the car, besides the weight of just 900 kilograms, is the large trunk of almost 450 liters of capacity. The interiors have the same particular style as the exteriors. The instrumentation is full of buttons useful for easily exploiting all the car’s functions. Mechanically, the fact that all four brakes are disc brakes is further confirmation of the high quality of this vehicle. The suspensions are MacPherson type in the front and oscillating axle shafts in the rear. The BX is produced in two generations and there is also a “Sport” version with a more aggressive design and excellent performance.
📷 @classiccar_stories
🏎 Citroen BX II (1986)
📍 France
🛠 BX 1.1 89NM 58HP
💨 17,3 seconds
🔝 150km/h
💶 No longer on sale
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