In 1972 Peugeot launched its first economy car under the name “104”. We’re talking about a car that is so hideous and so small that it was the smallest four-door in the world. The 104 has simple, elegant, and never exaggerated lines; this gives it a clean and generally appreciated design. Despite the small size of the car, the passenger compartment is spacious enough for the front passengers. Aesthetically, the interiors are as simple as the exteriors and possess no notable peculiarities other than their essentiality itself. The accessories are very few: for example, accessories that the competition possesses like the two-position interior rear-view mirror and the adjustable backrests are missing. Among the options, there is the radio. Mechanically, the 104 uses front-wheel drive, which is a really bucking engineering choice for the time, while the engines are small displacement and range from 44 to 72 horsepower. The brakes are disc in the front, and drum in the rear. From 1972 to 1988, the Peugeot 104 was subject to many stylistic and sometimes mechanical revisitations.
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🏎️ Peugeot 104
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🛠️ 0.9 44HP
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